Invest in yourself

An Investment On Your Wrist

Wearing an impressive watch is considered a status symbol because only those financially capable are able to afford a luxury timepiece.

The insiders know its an investment.

An investment that you can wear on your wrist.
A limited addition watch can provide better returns then most other assets. There are a few important points you will need to research beforehand. Whether it’s for own personal taste or an invetsment that has usability a watch is a great choice.

They’re not considered classics without reason: They are all testaments to excellent watchmaking, have become icons for their brands, represent a significant shift in the watch industry, and are parts of the best stories that bond people and watches.

Clock hours
Clock minutes
Hublot watch


jwc schaffhausen


Rolex watch


chopard watch nvestment


richard mille watch

Richard Mille

roger dubuis watch

Roger Dubuis

Royal Oak Offshore

patek philippe

Patek Philippe

Rolex watch



Patek Philippe

Audemars Piguet

Rolex watch


Watch Gain Advantage.

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  2. Limited editions (most of these pieces are allocated to VIPs, typically money can’t buy. It’s about you having a share in our priviledge .)
  3. We get watches at below retail price so this gives you an opportunity to invest in watches at the best price entry point even if you’re a watch collector.
  4. We are disrupting the traditional buyer/seller relationship! The moment you join us, a massive luxury ecosystem awaits you. Your purchased watch will be tracked in our database and we will match you with buyers.
  5. Gone are the hassles of only going to exclusive events organised by boutiques or brands. You are invited to all of our exclusive luxury events and you have the freedom to purchase multiple brands to enjoy your benefits.